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All Diving Operations are performed in accordance with SS511:2018 Regulations of Singapore.


MSS in conjunction with the major paint companies can offer to conduct the Paint Sampling collection from the Ship Hull from various locations such as
  • Hull Starboard Side – Samples from Forward, Midship and Aft with 5 m Draft
  • Hull Port Side – Samples from Forward, Midship and Aft with 5 m Draft difference.
  • Hull Flat Bottom – Samples from Forward, Mid ship and Aft with 50 m Length wise and
    Side wise.
We also have JV with Laboratories to perform the sample analysis of the Paint which Ship owners can use against the Warranty claims. This Analysis reports provide the details of toxic substance contamination and the deterioration of the Antifouling film on the ship hull.
The Paint Flakes are collected and handed over to laboratories in Sealed Envelopes for Testing or if Ship Owner or Paint Company wants to perform Analysis themselves it is also possible

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